Hair Extensions


LQ Hair and Beauty Amazing Hair Extensions 

There’s no disputing that Hair Extensions have a whoooooole lot more pros than cons. I mean, they give you long luscious locks for roughly 6 weeks all in one afternoon…who wouldn’t want that!?
At LQ, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality products. All of the Hair brands we use and carry are Australian owned and made; and that is not limited to our Hair Extensions! In fact, Amazing Hair, the brand we use, are located locally here in Melbourne!
What’s more, they’re made of 100% Remy human hair, making them always silky smooth and tangle free. Perfect for adding length, colour, volume and movement for all hair types.

 LQ Hair and Beauty Hair Extensions Amazing Hair

Our Tape Hair Extensions are a revolution in hair design that are guaranteed to inspire and transform your look. With proper care these Tape Hair Extensions can be used over and over and are an affordable way to achieve endless styling possibilities.


So, give yourself a confidence boost and call the salon to arrange a consultation to start your Hair Extension journey, we cannot wait to be there right alongside you!

 LQ Hair and Beauty Amazing Hair Extensions Croydon

  • The lifespan of the extensions is up to 1 year (with re-application every 6 weeks) with correct application and proper care
  • Suitable for straight or wavy hair, and also curly hair if the client is happy to straighten her curls.