Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Smoothing

For a lot of women, true hair goals can be achieved by one little dark horse Treatment (that in our opinion does not get enough airtime) - Keratin Smoothing!


So what is it?

It’s very simple actually and is pretty much as the name suggests: a smoothing treatment for your hair. Eliminating frizz and flyaway hair is the main draw card for the mysterious Keratin Treatment but also the fact that it lasts on average 3-4 whole months!!

Not to be confused with Chemical Straightening, which are permanent, a Keratin Treatment is temporary and washes out after around 6 months or so. Keratin and Chemical Relaxer Straightening Treatments use different ingredients that produce different results. They also sit at very different price points.

LQ Hair and Beauty Keratin Smoothing Treatment


The science behind it:

Instead of altering the chemical composition of your hair like a Chemical Relaxer Straightening will, Keratin Treatments actually inject the porous parts of your hair with protein, de-frizzing it, making it feel smoother and look shinier.


Can I do this at home you ask?

Although not recommended, technically yes, but don’t expect salon-results. You’ll first need to buy the right products which is no easy feat, and if the correct products are found, they’re normally aren’t that much cheaper than what you’d pay in salon. Many treatments contain the word Keratin, however that doesn’t automatically make them Keratin Treatments. All hair is made up of Keratin proteins, so Keratin named products aren't rare. A lot of smoothing treatments are actually intense silicone and conditioning treatments masquerading as a Keratin Treatment.

Do they provide extensive instructions on how to wash, dry, and straighten your hair? If not, you probably have a standard conditioning product, and not a Keratin Treatment. Even if you buy an actual Keratin Treatment, your results won’t last as long as the salon version. Where a salon treatment can last for several months, at-home versions tend to wash out after a few weeks.


I coloured my hair. Can I still get a Keratin Treatment?

Yes! Unlike chemical-straightening relaxers, you can safely have both dyed hair and a Keratin Treatment without the risk of damage.


What after care is required?

It is especially important to only use Sulphate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. We recommend our clients use a Shampoo and Conditioner from one of our main LQ salon ranges: Juuce or Pure. Both brands are sulphate-free and in our opinion, the best of the best in hair care products.

Try to limit to shampooing your hair once or twice a week and only when necessary. When you shower, rinse your hair with water without shampooing and then apply conditioner only and don’t use salt-based sprays for beachy, textured hair.

Wait 48 hours after the Treatment to get your hair wet.

Call or message the salon for more information - 03 9723 6622.

LQ Hair and Beauty Keratin Smoothing


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