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THE new revolutionary Lash Curing product to help maximize lash retention up to 30%! What's more, it works with any adhesive with proven results.  

One of the reasons that lash extensions can lack retention power, is all thanks to our old mate Cyanoacrylate. 

Cyanoacrylate in itself is not very flexible, making the adhesive bonding points prone to breakage. Instantly bonding the adhesive, The Elite Lash Super Bonder makes the bonding points seamless to touch, adding elasticity and eliminating fumes.

Our sensitive eyed clients will be singing Hallelujah to no more tears and insane retention!

The Elite Lash Bonder mixes with Cyanoacrylate, starting the curing process from within as the humidity is pushed out - creating a tighter bond. By applying The Elite Lash Super Bonder, the use of a Nanomister or a Nebulizer at the end of your clients treatment, is null and void.

How it works: The Elite Lash Super Bonder creates a seal at the surface of the adhesive,  ensuring that any adhesive vapors are contained within the adhesive bond.

The use of water to cure leaves the surface of the adhesive porous, usually resulting in a small amount of vapors being released, even after the Cyanoacrylate has cured. Released vapors mostly result in the adhesive losing some of its retention power, however given that the vapors are contained with The Elite Lash Super Bonder, adhesives achieve much better retention, maximizing retention rates by up to 30%!


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