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We are a family business who are dedicated to making sure your experience in our salon is one you will remember every time. You are our priority and whenever you are in the salon we want you to feel like you are number ONE because you are !!


And if you ever wondered what the LQ stands for, here is a little background.

The “L” is for my first name Leeanne and the “Q” is for my Nana Queenie who was my saving grace growing up and gave me the strength to be the strong women that I am today.

LQ Hair and Beauty is managed by my beautiful daughter – Kirby.

We have 3 amazing staff members, Kirby, Dee and Maddy and I try to be there to say hi or make you a hot drink or a glass of water whenever I can.

All our staff pride themselves on producing quality work and will provide all information required for your appointment including recommendations for ‘after care’.

Our salon only uses top quality products as our priority is to keep the integrity of your hair and your lashes.

We look forward to seeing all your gorgeous faces soon  Message our page or Call us on 039723 6622.

LQ Beauty - Ebony Belle Beauty

2nd place  winners in The Herald Sun's "Best Beauty Salon in Melbourne" Competition!

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When trying to come up with ideas on what to write in my “About me” page, I sat staring at a blank word document. What would my clients like to know about me? Maybe they want to know what my business is about? Well, if that is the case here goes: 8 years ago I decided to start my own at home small beauty business. Mostly offering basics like waxing, eyelash extensions etc, and I started off with a steady but small flow of clients.


After a while and some crazy upheavals in my personal life, I ended up moving to a Spa in Brunswick which unfortunately for me was sold, so back working from home I went.

Knowing within myself, and my extremely wonderful loyal clients, that I give my absolute all to making your experience everything you want/need and more, I just didn’t know how to translate that to bring in new business.


This brought me to a new successful venture: An opportunity to rent a room out of a salon in Croydon! 

For me, this was extremely exciting as I felt I could focus on my clients and their comfortability in a more professional environment again.

A year later, my own Mum had bought the hair side of the business bringing along my talented younger sister as their Senior Hair-Stylist. Not only do I get to work with her every-day, but the whole hair team are such beautiful souls, it was not like any other salon!

3 years down the track and the business is still expanding. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to bring on my very own staff members, Jess and Bek, to also make your lashes amazing! 


I have put a lot of research, blood, sweat and tears into coming up with new treatments and maintaining them in order to stand out from the crowd and to be able to offer YOU (after all you my clients are the most important part of all of this) something exciting.

Now, after 8 years of doing me, I have decided to join forces with LQ Hair (and my Mum) to become one big Hair and Beauty family! 

I feel very blessed that I am able to get out of bed in the morning and work full time in our family business with amazing, loyal clients and a wonderful team of beautiful ladies every day! 


So please, come to see us at the salon: LQ Hair and Beauty in Croydon South.

Speaking for The Beauty side, we have such an incredible array of wonderful treatments including: 

Eyelash Extensions, Volume and Classic. Along with IPL Hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation, Eyebrow Sculpting, Waxing and Tinting.

And soon to be introducing Henna Brows and Brow Lamination!!

Love, Ebony.



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